Quality Auditing

The capacity to identify an organisation’s current operational status against standards is a critical skill for those wanting to remain compliant as well as productive.

Combined with the ability to identify areas of improvement and to facilitate their integration with a view to managing risk, and an organisation not only remains compliant and productive, but flexible, innovative, competitive and profitable too.

The Diploma of Quality Auditing focuses on building the competency to lead an organisation’s approach to ensuring systems, procedures, policies and practices are in line with industry, national or international standards in ways that enable both compliance and competitiveness.

Our Diploma of Quality Auditing graduates are able to apply to their workplaces skills and knowledge in:

  •  – auditing codes of practice and ethics
  •  – current quality auditing practices, principles and techniques
  •  – ensuring relevant legislation is adhered to in everyday business operational         practice
  •  – creating effective stakeholder engagement practices, principles and techniques
  •  – the organising, planning and time management practices required to sequence audit tasks, meet timelines, conduct inspections and interviews, and lead quality meetings
  •  – risk management and problem solving skills to overcome any issues which may potentially affect an audit outcome
  •  – the identification of continuous improvement approaches that encourage application and integration of quality audit findings
  •  – Leading a professional audit team.


Download our brochure to see how the Diploma of Quality Auditing can fit your organisation’s purposes.

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