Training & Development

Our approach to training is to create a learning environment within the organisation where people want to maximise their potential and share their knowledge and skills

A highly skilled workforce is an invaluable competitive tool – however, occasionally it needs honing.

SG Learning & Development offers a range of customised professional development programs that are delivered to your schedule and designed around your budget. Our services include developing best practices methods, conducting employee skills assessments, offering expert guidance in employee development, and tailoring specific training workshops across all levels of the organisation.

Our specialist team of facilitators and assessors have the skills, knowledge and industry experience to provide you with a more highly skilled and motivated workforce. They are trained in a range of diagnostic tools which can help your team to understand themselves and others better, which often helps speed up the learning process. Tools such as TICK, DiSC, HBDI and LSI can be used as part of your Training and Development programs.

Our focus is on performance, and our assessment strategies ensure that everyone participating in our programs is able to translate their learning into the workplace. As a result, employees will be better prepared for a rapidly changing and fast paced work environment.

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